Maud's Big Coffee Pod Variety Pack (12 Blends)

Roast LVL 3 - 10

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 This variety pack contains one 136-count box of coffee pods.   12 Blends From Our Coffee Collectio...

 This variety pack contains one 136-count box of coffee pods.


12 Blends From Our Coffee Collection! Curated by our 5th Generation Roastmaster, this special variety pack contains a delicious mix of our most popular blends, specialty & seasonal roasts, plus organic blends. Priced at only 39¢/pod, this pack is a BEST VALUE. Enjoy one great cup at a time!

1. French Roast From The Coast – This coffee is roasted to a perfect dark brown bean and has delicious burnt undertones. A wonderful bold cup that's flavorful, shiny with oil and has a diminished acidity.

2. Sister Hazelnut  – The smooth and rich flavor of creamy toasted hazelnut and vanilla, with a touch of sweetness.

3. Dreamy Creamy Salted Caramel – A delicious blend of medium roasted and flavored gourmet coffee. If you like creative flavor combinations, you'll love this delightfully distinctive indulgence.

4. Organic House Blend – This coffee is a satisfying blend of medium and dark roasts with deep, rich and full-bodied with citrus undertones. Certified Fair Trade and organic.

5. Tall Dark & Handsome – This Dark Roast is a gentle, heavy bodied coffee with silky texture, sweet aroma and flavor rich with notes of toasted nuts.

6. Maud's in The House Blend – This Medium Roast is an American Classic. A well balanced, medium bodied coffee with South American richness, bright enough for breakfast and rich enough for dinner.

7. Organic Mexican  A well rounded cup with notes of dark chocolate, nuts and a slight sweet citrus finish. 

8. Bubbies Breakfast Blend – Light Roast delightful coffee brightened by citrus top notes and balanced with caramel sweetness. A rich and satisfying coffee for drinking all day.

9. Organic Espresso-Yourself –  A selection of the finest organic coffee beans from 3 unique coffee growing regions from around the world. The diverse taste of each of the beans delivers a richly complex yet balanced cup of espresso roast coffee.

10. Kona Coast Blend – A rich medium roast with a smooth heavy body. This rich, low-acidity coffee is roasted to a perfect dark brown bean and has delicious chocolate-nutty undertones.

11. Dunk Your Donut Shop – Light Roasted blend with the perfect mellow flavor and a crisp, clean aftertaste.

12. Organic Guatemalan – This highly rated and well-known gourmet coffee is light-medium roasted, but brews as a full-bodied coffee with unique smoky and chocolaty undertones. Richly complex and well-balanced with hints of spice in the finish that will please the senses.

    Premium 100% Arabica coffee beans are expertly batch-roasted by our 5th Generation Roastmaster then sealed into our advanced Recyclable pods.

    See brewer compatibility All cups are 2.0 compatible
    • 100% recyclable

    • BPA

      bpa free

    • made in the usa

    Roast Types

    3 - 10

    • spicy
    • fragrant
    • exotic
    • light
    • heavy
    • smooth
    • burnt
    • citrus

    Blended in house

    Sealed Fresh

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