Upgrade Your Iced Tea

by Beatrice MarkenzonJul 19, 2022

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Upgrade your iced tea with these 5 tips

For hot days at the pool or summer nights on the porch, there’s no more classic drink than a tall, cool glass of iced tea. But don’t let your taste buds get hijacked by the sugary bottled stuff—especially when it’s so easy to brew your own. And an added benefit of DIY is that you can spike your pitcher with all kinds of interesting (and nonalcoholic) mixers, so you can sip something different all summer long.

Broaden Your Base

Classic iced tea is made with black tea, but you can play with the whole spectrum, from white tea to caffeine-free herbals or rooibos. A green tea Arnold Palmer (just add lemonade) is such a great way to switch things up. Try our Instant Arnold Palmer here!

Add bubbles

The carbonation craze is still in full swing. Try topping your glass with sparking water or even kombucha.

Float some fruit

Fruity teas are begging to have berries or stone fruit slices dropped in them.  Frozen fruit also makes a great ice cube alternative and adds a burst of flavor without a lot of extra sugar or calories.

Play With Herbs

Fresh herbs are everywhere—put some in your glass. Try adding mint to both herbal and fruity teas. 

Freeze It

Cooler than being ice cold: ice pops with tea concentrate and fruit puree. Create a quick on the go summer snack. Just freeze and enjoy.

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(Article excerpted by cookinglight.com)