Creative Uses for Cold Brew

by Beatrice MarkenzonJul 19, 2022

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8 Creative Uses for Cold Brew Concentrate

Making cold brew is incredibly simple, especially if you have the right equipment. But it does take time — at least 16 hours — so it makes sense to make a big batch. Once you’ve enjoyed a cup or two of cold brew, you may start wondering: what else can you do with cold brew concentrate?

We’re here to answer that question! We’ve put together eight creative and tasty ideas that will help you use your cold brew concentrate. Keep reading to find everything from smoothies and muffins to soup and martinis.

1. Coffee (Hot or Cold)

First, the most straightforward use for cold brew concentrate: a good old cup of coffee! The most obvious use is iced coffee since your concentrate is already cold. Just add ice and water and enjoy!

You can also turn your concentrate into hot coffee by — you guessed it — adding hot water. This won’t result in a piping hot cup of coffee, but it will be warm and ready to drink.

2. Smoothies

Cold brew makes a great addition to a smoothie, combining a caffeine buzz with a refreshing breakfast. Mix in chocolate, peanut butterbananas, or berries for a fun morning treat.

3. Baking

Espresso powder is a more common baking ingredient, but you can easily incorporate cold brew into recipes from muffins to ice cream. Soak ladyfingers in cold brew to make tiramisu or whip up some cinnamon coffee cookies.

4. Coffee Marinade 

Looking for an interesting new flavor for your steak or chicken? Try marinating it in the cold brew! Coffee is acidic, and when you combine it with other acidic ingredients like vinegar and Worcestershire sauce, you form a mixture perfect for tenderizing meat. You’ll be amazed at the unusual taste of your cold brew steak!

5. Barbeque Sauce

Many barbecue recipes use brewed coffee to add depth of flavor. Why not substitute in your cold brew? The results will be stronger, so you won’t need much to produce a very interesting sauce.

6. Coffee Soup

Continuing our savory uses for cold brew, you whip up a coffee soup. The Amish make a coffee soup with chunks of bread or saltines. But you can also try making a French onion soup that uses coffee (or cold brew) as a soup base.

7. Cold Brew Jelly

Coffee jelly is a tasty Japanese dessert that’s typically made with regular brewed coffee. But you can substitute cold brew concentrate for an extra-powerful flavor.

8. Cold Brew Cocktails

If you can handle the late-night caffeine, there are quite a few cold brew cocktails that might be calling your name. Make a cold brew martini with vodka and Kahlua, try a creamy cold brew white Russian, or treat yourself to a cold brew, maple syrup, and bourbon drink.

We hope this list helps you explore your options — and keep any of that tasty brew from going to waste. Whether you opt for cinnamon coffee cookies, French onion cold brew soup, or a caffeinated white Russian, we know you’ll enjoy your cold brew.

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