6 health benefits of drinking coffee

by Sourabh SharmaJan 9, 2019

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Sure, it may be your wake up call every morning and boost your energy to propel you through the day, but what else is coffee good for? It turns out, a lot. In moderation, coffee can be helpful in preventing illnesses and boosting overall health. Check out the 6 benefits, and shop your favorite blends, too.

Reduces chances of Alzheimer's and Dementia

It turns out that as we age, if we drink coffee regularly, developing these two prevalent illnesses are less likely to happen, by a whopping 65% (Source). 

Prevents Parkinsons 

Another prevalent illness caused by the nervous system disorder can be prevented greatly as the caffeine protects your nervous system (Source).

Healthier Heart

Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of a stroke by clearing your system despite a temporary upswing in blood pressure (Source).

Prevents Diabetes

Statistically, coffee drinkers have a 23%-50% lower chance of developing diabetes as it controls blood sugar levels (if you are not adding sugar to your coffee, that is!) (Source).

Prevents Certain Types of Cancer

Liver and colorectal cancer can be prevented with coffee, by almost up to 43%! While not anti-carinogenic, it is thus still useful (Source).

Protects Liver

While it cannot negate the effects of alcohol, coffee improves liver health by preventing cirrhosis and hepatitis greatly (Source).

Prevents Retinal Damage

As it is rich in antioxidants, the chlorogenic acid prevents retinal damage and thus enables the eyes to function better too. (Source)