What Makes a K-Cup® “Gourmet”?

by Beatrice MarkenzonSep 7, 2021

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Long gone are the days of plain old coffee pods, luxury coffee pods are here and they’re here to stay. You can find coffee pods in every variation imaginable: flavored coffee pods, latte coffee pods, tea pods, hot chocolate pods, and so much more. With a K-Cup®, consumers get to experience the joy of drinking coffee, without having to go through all the work of making it. All they have to do is pop a pod into their coffee maker and viola, they’re done!

You may be wondering: What makes a K-Cup® “gourmet”? How does it differ from the regular coffee pods we’re used to using? There are a few important characteristics that differentiate a luxury K-Cup® from a regular one.

Bean Quality 

Gourmet coffee, at its root, goes back to the quality of the coffee beans. High quality coffee uses premium Arabica coffee beans which gives the coffee a fine aroma and rich flavor. Intelligent Blends sources the top 10% of coffee beans in the most premier growing regions, promising high-quality coffee in every pod.

Flavor Profile

The beans used in gourmet coffee should make it taste less bitter and create a smoother, slightly sweeter flavor profile. Intelligent Blend mixes old world artisan batch roasting with modern technology to create smooth coffee blends with a rich flavor profile. We're proud to offer gourmet coffee pods in a variety of flavors.


With an increase in environmental awareness, companies who source their beans from farmers who use sustainable methods for growing their crops cater to a higher-end consumer.  Intelligent Blends prioritizes sustainability by using green coffee beans and offers 100% recyclable K-Cups®.


Gourmet K-Cups® have unique traits that differentiate them from other K-Cups®. Intelligent Blends uses an innovative luxury K-Cup® design with a ribbed cup and a bottom dimple that yields 43% more coffee extraction than competitors which creates a fuller, more consistent taste with every pod. This design also has a longer shelf life and is made with patent-pending technology.

Maud’s Coffee and Tea is good for your wallet and the planet. So what are you waiting for? Start indulging in our high-end, gourmet coffee pods today.

(Article excerpted from intelligentblends.com)