What is Coffee "Body"?

by Beatrice MarkenzonFeb 16, 2022

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Coffee’s body is easily imaginable but perhaps not so easily noticeable. It is a feeling of heaviness and of some sort of “strength” that we can discern with coffee in the mouth, especially by pressing the tongue against the palate.

The definition of “body” is used to indicate the structure of the drink and corresponds to a certain coffee consistency felt on the palate.

The term “body” describes the physical properties and tactile sensations perceived by the mouth such as the sense of “heaviness” (or “mouthfeel”) as the coffee settles on the tongue.


A coffee’s body may be described as light (or thin), medium, or full.

Coffee defined as full-bodied is strong and pleasant even with a tactile sense of viscosity which is the feeling of a pleasant roundness and creaminess in the mouth created by oils and sugars.

A medium body indicates a coffee that seems diluted and poor to espresso lovers but with just the right amount of body to consumers preferring filtered coffee.

A round body is the set of sensations dictated by taste and consistency free of excessive or inadequate tastes and with a perceived sense of balance.

A round body coffee is defined as soft.

Fuller-bodied coffees also retain more of their flavor when they are diluted.

Body in Maud's Coffee

Round Body

Maud's French Vanilla: A medium roast, flavored coffee blend with hints of vanilla and cream. The result is a smooth-bodied coffee with a sweet aroma and a buttery finish of vanilla flavor. 

Medium Body

Maud's In The House A well balanced, medium bodied coffee with South American richness, bright enough for breakfast and rich enough for dinner. 

Maud's Organic HondurasThis rich, full bodied dark roast is not too heavy and carries smooth notes of walnuts and cocoa. 

Maud's Organic ColombiaSweet and medium-bodied, Colombia has the most recognizable coffee flavor to most North American coffee drinkers.

Intelligent Blends Medium Roast & Decaf Roast: A well balanced, medium bodied coffee with with a chocolaty smooth finish. Blended with South American beans and perfectly balanced.

Full Body

Maud's Tall, Dark & Handsome & Tall, Dark & Handsome Decaf: A gentle, heavy bodied coffee with silky texture, sweet aroma and flavor rich with notes of toasted nuts.

Maud's Organic SumatraSome of the world's finest premium coffees are grown in Sumatra. These coffees are distinguished by their full body, more earthy than Java Arabica.

Maud's Organic EthiopiaHeavy-bodied, spicy and fragrant, Ethiopian Harrar coffee is a wild and exotic dry processed.

Maud's Kona Coast: A rich medium roast with a smooth heavy body. This rich, low-acidity coffee is roasted to a perfect dark brown bean and has delicious chocolate-nutty undertones. 

Intelligent Blends Dark Roast: A gentle, heavy bodied coffee with silky texture and a sweet aroma. The taste is bold and balanced, rich with notes of nuts and chocolate and hints of fruit. 

(Article excerpted from specialcoffeeitaly.com)