How To: Clean Your Brewer

by Beatrice MarkenzonJul 19, 2021

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How To Clean Your Brewer

If you're using your brewer daily then it's important to follow a quick cleaning routine to keep your machine running well and coffee (or tea) running smooth. Follow our guide on how to keep your machine fresh so your Maud's tastes the absolute best!


  • Soap
  • White vinegar
  • Water


STEP ONE: Unplug the machine.

STEP TWO: Disassemble and wash removable parts: remove the water reservoir, lid, mug stand, and the K-cup holder. Wash these pieces in warm, soapy water.

STEP THREE: Wipe machine surface: use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the machine. Once finished, return removable parts and plug in the machine.

STEP FOUR: Grab the vinegar: white distilled vinegar will help remove the scale build up, which is key to helping it run. Fill the water reservoir halfway with vinegar.

STEP FIVE: Add water: fill the reservoir the rest of the way with water.

STEP SIX: Run the machine: start the brew cycle without a coffee pod and repeat until the reservoir is empty, discarding the mug contents after each brewing cycle. This process helps remove the scale buildup.

STEP SEVEN: Repeat rinse with water: repeat the process using only plain water in the reservoir to remove any residual vinegar taste, and your brewer is clean, enjoy!

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