Ground Coffee: 4 Ways

by Beatrice MarkenzonApr 28, 2021

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The beauty of specialty coffee is the endless choices you have in the coffee preparation process. Check out four different ways to use our ground coffee!

1. French Press: The French Press is what is known as an ‘immersion’ coffee brewer. This simply means that the coffee flavor is extracted as the coffee grinds are immersed and sit in hot water for a number of minutes. This tends to produce a heavier coffee with a lot more body that other brewing methods which have a shorter contact time between the grinds and hot water. 

2. Pour Over: Pour Over is known as an ‘infusion’ brewer which means that the coffee is extracted by fresh water being steadily poured or infused through the coffee grinds. This method is essentially a manual version of the way that drip coffee machines operate. The resulting short contact time between the grinds and the water makes for a far lighter and brighter coffee which is similar in texture to tea. Further, the use of paper filters (which are the typical although not the only filter used for pour over) means that there is little of the coffee oils that make it into the cup. This leads to a very clean and light cup of coffee.

3. Coffee Pot:  Drip machines are perfect if you want a hot cup of Joe on-the-fly and without having to wait for the coffee to brew each time you need a caffeine fix. It will extract the deliciousness and leave you with a brewed cup of coffee to drink whenever you’re ready. The drip machine will keep your coffee nice and hot, so you can enjoy more than one cup.

4. Cold Brew Carafe: A modern method for brewing, serving and storing delicious beverages at home. Cold brewing creates a sweeter, smoother, less acidic cup of coffee or tea.

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