5 Health Benefits of Decaf Coffee

by Beatrice MarkenzonFeb 14, 2023

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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, with millions turning to this caffeinated beverage to get them through the day. There are many reasons people drink coffee, and it’s no surprise since it’s chock full of health benefits. Whether it’s for the caffeine jolt or the possible health benefits, it’s safe to say that coffee will remain popular for years to come. It’s one of the most competitive industries as well, so it’s no wonder coffee shops are constantly introducing new ways to enjoy it.

Decaf Coffee May Help Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Coffee has been known for its ability to lower multiple conditions, but it has always been chalked up to the caffeine itself. However, decaf has been shown in a few studies to have similar effects, meaning that it’s not just the caffeine that lowers the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. In fact, it could be said that decaf coffee can be just as beneficial as regular coffee, without having to expose yourself to caffeine on a daily basis. While they’re not sure what is exactly causing these effects in both regular and decaf, the fact that it’s not solely the caffeine is an important finding to decaf drinkers everywhere.

Less Caffeine Can Improve Sleep and Lower Anxiety

Coffee is often the first thing suggested when someone is tired in the morning, especially after a long and restless night. However, caffeine is a powerful stimulant that can wreak havoc on your sleep, causing bouts of insomnia. Switching to decaf can help reduce insomnia that may be caused by too much caffeine, which will then improve your overall energy in the morning. Ditching caffeine can also help lower anxiety, especially in individuals that suffer from anxiety disorders.

Decaf Coffee Contains the Same Antioxidants in Regular Coffee

For those drinking coffee strictly for antioxidants, the switch to decaf should be an easy one because it still contains the same antioxidants as regular coffee. However, it should be noted that decaf has a slightly lower amount of these antioxidants, possibly due to the caffeine extraction process. Regardless, this means that those who have been chugging the world’s most used drug for health reasons can confidently switch to decaf.

Decaf Coffee is Lower in Acidity than Regular Coffee

Coffee is quite acidic and is often mixed with dairy to help reduce the acidic effects, but it can often lead to heartburn and other uncomfortable side effects. One major benefit of decaf coffee is the lower acidic content, which is usually due to the decaffeination process. For those that suffer from chronic heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), switching to decaf coffee to lower the number of acidic foods daily can help reduce flare-ups of acid reflux and other side effects.

Decaf Coffee May Lower Your Risk of Fatal Cardiovascular Diseases

While regular coffee is often lauded for lowering the risk of multiple diseases and conditions, a recent study has shown that decaf may help reduce the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. Since caffeine can worsen heart problems due to its stimulating effects, swapping your caffeinated java for some decaf may be better for your health if your family history is prone to heart problems.

There are many reasons to switch to decaf, especially if an individual is prone to conditions triggered by caffeine intake. For those who can no longer have caffeine, decaf coffee is a great alternative. Even for those who don’t have any health problems, decaf coffee can help improve your energy and mood in the long run simply by getting rid of the need for caffeine.

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(Article excerpted from coffeeaffection.com)