Maud's Flavored Hot Chocolate Variety Pack (6 Flavors) - 48 Pods


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Maud's Flavored Hot Chocolate Variety Pack (6 Flavors) - 48 Pods

This variety pack contains one 48-count box of hot cocoa pods.

NEW! Maud’s Loco Hot Cocoa Flavored Variety Pack: Enjoy an assortment of 6 flavored cocoa blends curated by our 5th Generation Roastmaster. Maud's Loco Hot Cocoa has a very rich yet smooth and complex chocolate flavor with balanced sweetness. Enjoy a perfect cup of gluten & dairy-free hot chocolate with ease!

Pack includes an assortment 6 Gourmet Maud's Flavored Hot Cocoa pods:

  1. Maud's Original Loco Hot Cocoa 
  2. NEW! Maud's Chocolate Coconut Cocoa
  3. NEW! Maud's Hazelnut Cream Cocoa
  4. NEW! Maud's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cocoa
  5. NEW! Maud's Cinnamon Churro Cocoa
  6. NEW! Maud's Peppermint Bark Cocoa


*To make hot cocoa and other specialty beverages like mocha or tea with the Keurig® Plus Series / Keurig® 2.0 brewers, simply insert the pod and lower the bail. On the screen, you will notice a button for “Hot Cocoa/ Other”. Activate this button by touching it. Press the blinking “Brew” button and enjoy! After enjoying a hot cocoa, it is important to perform a cleansing brew*

See brewer compatibility All cups are 2.0 compatible

Brewer Compatibility

Pods work with:

K10 MINI Plus
K40/45 Elite
K60/K65 Special Edition
K70/K75/K79 Platinum
Hamilton Beach

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Brewer Compatibility

Check your local recyclability facilities to find out more, not recyclable in all communities.

Maud's Flavored Hot Chocolate Variety Pack (6 Flavors) - 48 Pods