Mauds Cappuccino Delight Variety Pack - 56ct


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Roast Types

Levels 3 - 10

Maud's Coffee Lover's Variety Pack (16 Blends)

Sweet Burnt Light Medium Heavy Rich Chocolate-nutty


Mauds Cappuccino Delight Variety Pack - 56ct

This variety pack contains one 56-count box of cappuccino coffee pods.

Enjoy an assortment of 8 brand new cappuccino blends from our Gourmet Cappuccino Collection curated by 5th Generation Roastmaster, Jeff McIntosh. This all variety pack contains a delicious mix of our beautifully flavored cappuccino blends. 

Get ready to be transported to your favorite sidewalk café, with a little help from Maud's! Sparked by long afternoons sitting in the sunshine, our all new cappuccino pods are made with high quality, ethically sourced, flavorful ingredients that honor the coffee-inspired traditions we cherish. 

  1. Maud's Cappuccino Delight Mochaccino– A cappuccino classic roasted to dark roast perfection with rich, chocolaty flavors.
  2. Maud's Spicy Mexican Churro Cappuccino– A spicy twist on a cappuccino classic with fragrant notes of ground nutmeg, cinnamon sugar, and caramel. 
  3. Maud's Peppermint Bark Cappuccino –  A refreshing chocolate-mint taste with notes of semi-sweet chocolate and flavorful peppermint creates a clean aftertaste. 
  4. Maud's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cappuccino– A richly roasted cappuccino with creamy chocolaty textures and smooth nutty flavors expertly combined. 
  5. Maud's Marshmellow Sundae Cappuccino – The yumminess from the marshmallow flavor is the perfect amount of sweetness & creaminess for a delicious treat.
  6. Maud's Creme De Caramel – A light and airy vanilla custard flavor perfectly combined with a nutty caramelized sugar finish.
  7. Maud's Dark Chocoholic – A delicately dark and decadent cappuccino with strong notes of cocoa to create a rich flavor.


  8. Maud's Strawberry Milkshake  – A fruity twist on a classic cappuccino with a sweet aroma from strawberry & deliciously creamy fragrant flavors.


    Premium 100% Arabica coffee beans are expertly batch-roasted by our 5th Generation Roastmaster then sealed into our advanced Recyclable pods.

    See brewer compatibility All cups are 2.0 compatible

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    K10 MINI Plus
    K40/45 Elite
    K60/K65 Special Edition
    K70/K75/K79 Platinum
    Hamilton Beach

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    Mauds Cappuccino Delight Variety Pack - 56ct