Your Perfect Brew?It’s in the Bag.

That’s right. Your favorite blends are now ground, bagged and ready for you to brew fresh at home. (Happy dance!)

Meet Your New Favorite At‑Home Blends:

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  • Maud’s Tall Dark and Handsome:

    Dreamy and heavy bodied, with a silky texture, sweet aroma and a flavor rich with notes of toasted nuts.

  • Maud’s Tall Dark and Handsome Decaf:

    A buzz-free version of the original with the same gentle, silky texture and delicious flavor notes.

  • Roastmaster Reserve Dark Roast:

    A limited-batch blend that boasts a fruity acidity and body with delightful citrus flavors.

  • Maud's World's Best Half Caff:

    50% caffeine, 100% flavor! A combo of Maud's Tall Dark and Handsome + Mellow Mood Decaf, this gentle, heavy-bodied blend is silky, with hints of sweet berry, toasted nuts and chocolate.

  • Cold Brew:

    Bright and perfectly balanced, this blend is ultra-smooth and full bodied with low acidity, delivering a crisp pick-me-up all day long.

  • Cold Brew Decaf:

    Enjoy all the crisp, full-bodied flavor of our delicious cold brew, minus the caffeine.