Nitrogen: How Our Coffee Pods Stay Fresh

by Sourabh SharmaNov 30, 2018

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Think nitrogen flushing, and it takes you back to chemistry class. Don't worry, we're just here to tell you why this is so important to keeping your coffee and it's aroma fresh! With our 5th generation Roastmaster Jeff, we use science to ensure the highest quality that we harvest reaches you in the freshest condition.

While we could do conventional vacuum packaging, that works well for solid sturdy foods, but not for things as delicate as coffee beans. Coffee and it's freshly ground format have surface area that cannot be squeezed into an airless lump and needs more than a vacuum. Nitrogen is essentially the 'air' in the rest of the pod, which contains no oxygen. The nitrogen replaces the oxygen and air and cushions the coffee, however unlike air and oxygen, it won't react with the coffee, so the aroma and scent will be retained, and most importantly, so will the flavor. Nitrogen is completely safe (fun fact, 70% of air is nitrogen!), and is perfect to retain the flavor, texture and scent of your coffee. 

Shop your favorite blends with the confidence that your coffee will reach you as freshly as it is made, retaining the real essence of freshly ground coffee beans, day after day!