VitaCup French Vanilla Coffee

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Vanilla, vivacity and vitamins! 

VitaCup's French Vanilla coffee pods strike a tasty balance between sweet vanilla and a deep, dark roast. These are complex and charming flavors that give you élan.  VitaCup slowly roasts certified Fair Trade Honduran and Colombian beans and adds French Vanilla PLUS our signature vitamin blend. The full French Roast aroma and smooth French Vanilla flavors feel luxurious but there are zero calories in your VitaCup.    

French Roast, meet French Vanilla.  Coffee, meet vitamins. Let's all live happily ever after. You'll love where VitaCup French Vanilla will take you, or your money back. 

With VitaCup you enjoy more than the taste. The vitamin blend makes you feel phenomenal. The French Vanilla compatible coffee pods have a signature vitamin formulation of B1 (Thiamine), B5, B6, B9 (Folic Acid), Antioxidants, B12 & D3. These vitamins help support functions including immune health, alcohol digestion, and metabolism. The vitamin blend helps provide a healthy coffee alternative to energy drinks.  

You can order VitaCup French Vanilla in 16, 32, 64 and 128 count packages.  Subscriptions get 10% off the regular retail price. 

VitaCup believes in a healthy planet and a healthy you. That means fully recyclable coffee pods - and yes, you can put the plastic directly in most regular recycling bins. The plastic is BPA free. The grinds are great for your garden or compost pile. The mesh filter is biodegradable. There's never any dairy, gluten, or GMOs. 

    French Vanilla Coffee | Recyclable Eco Pods!

      Compatible with all Keurig® & K Cup® brewers (INCLUDING "2.0")

      Roast Profile

      • 1 - Lightest Roast
      • 2 - Lighter Roast
      • 3 - Light Roast
      • 4 - Medium Light Roast
      • 5 - Medium Roast
      • 6 - Medium Dark Roast
      • 7 - Dark Roast
      • 8 - Darker Roast
      • 9 - Very Dark Roast
      • 10 - Darkest Roast

      Brewer Compatibility

      Pods work with:

      K10 MINI Plus
      K40/45 Elite
      K60/K65 Special Edition
      K70/K75/K79 Platinum
      Hamilton Beach