Standard Content - This is a template for


This is the first paragraph. Do NOT change text on this page! The following instructions are important as they detail the usage of the following template: "page.standard-template". Using the correct "Template", "page.standard-template", you can reuse this existing template for multiple purposes but there are rules within this template which must be followed to ensure quality. Please notice how the page title is broken into a main title, "Standard Content" and the subtitle "This is a template for" by using a space-hyphen-space under the admin settings "Title". The template will recognize this pattern and output as the banner text and breadcrumb title. We will end this paragraph using <!-- split -->  under "Show HTML" tab.

This is the second paragraph. Basic HTML skills will be needed to operate template efficiently. This template will only support four blocks of text at the most, as according to the approved design. This template will recognize a pattern within the HTML which will separate as paragraphs on the page. It begins after using a <!-- split --> in the "Show HTML" tab.

This is a nested paragraph within the second paragraph HTML. You can use nested paragraphs within <!-- split --> tags for aesthetic quality or general presentation purposes. Basic HTML skills will be needed to use nested paragraphs. We will end these nested paragraphs using <!-- split -->


This is the third paragraph. This paragraph and the above image and header will not display if there is no template header separated by <!-- split --> tags. Lets say it again -- Basic HTML skills will be needed to operate template!

This is the fourth paragraph. It is recommended to hide this page under "Visibility" after you can grasp the concept of using <!-- split --> in the "Show HTML" tab. You can mark "Visible" to train staff members and mark "Hidden" accordingly.