Maud's Decaf Coffee Variety Pack – 80ct

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Enjoy an assortment of 10+ blends from our Gourmet Coffee Collection curated by 5th Generation Roastmaster, Jeff McIntosh. This special variety pack contains a delicious mix of our most popular blends, specialty roasts. Enjoy one great cup at a time! 

The variety pack may include some of the following:

1. Maud's Mellow Mood  This Medium Roast is an American Classic. A well balanced, medium bodied coffee with South American richness, bright enough for breakfast and rich enough for dinner.

2. Decaf Tall Dark & Handsome – This Dark Roast is a gentle, heavy bodied coffee with silky texture, sweet aroma and flavor rich with notes of toasted nuts.

3. Gone Banana's Fosters! – Delicious blend featuring subtle notes of bananas and vanilla ice cream, Topped with buttery brown sugar, cinnamon and dark rum

4. Decaf Dunk Your Donut Shop – Light Roasted blend with the perfect mellow flavor and a crisp, clean aftertaste.

5. Decaf Salted Caramel – "Dreamy Creamy Salted Caramel" is a delicious blend of medium roasted and flavored gourmet coffee. If you like creative flavor combinations, you'll love this delightfully distinctive indulgence.

6. Decaf Sister Hazelnut – The smooth and rich flavor of creamy toasted hazelnut and vanilla, with a touch of sweetness.

7. French Toast Roast – Warm French toast and cinnamon with notes of maple syrup and whipped butter, blends perfectly with fresh roasted 100% Arabica coffee.

8.Hottie Biscotti Vanilla Almond – Notes of vanilla cream and toasted almonds delight with a sweet and nutty taste in every sip.

9. Jamaican Rum Yum- Delightful notes of sweet molasses, caramel coconut and vanilla roasted to perfection, delivering the delicious aroma and taste of sweet Jamaican rum.

10.Raspberry Choco-Latte – The sweet tang of raspberries blended perfectly with the rich irresistible flavor of silky smooth chocolate, dusted with powdered sugar.

Premium 100% Arabica coffee beans are expertly batch-roasted by our 5th Generation Roastmaster then sealed into our advanced Recyclable pods.


Compatible with all Keurig® & K Cup® brewers (INCLUDING "2.0")

Roast Profile

  • 1 - Lightest Roast
  • 2 - Lighter Roast
  • 3 - Light Roast
  • 4 - Medium Light Roast
  • 5 - Medium Roast
  • 6 - Medium Dark Roast
  • 7 - Dark Roast
  • 8 - Darker Roast
  • 9 - Very Dark Roast
  • 10 - Darkest Roast

Brewer Compatibility

Pods work with:

K10 MINI Plus
K40/45 Elite
K60/K65 Special Edition
K70/K75/K79 Platinum
Hamilton Beach