Organic Espresso Blend Coffee Pods

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Maud's Organic Espresso coffee starts with the selection of the finest organic coffee beans from three unique coffee growing regions around the world. The diverse taste of each of the beans delivers a richly complex yet balanced cup of espresso roast coffee. Espresso exhibits a bold and unique taste with hints of cinnamon, chocolate and nuts with very light acidity.  This full-bodied cup will satisfy the most selective of coffee drinkers. Premium 100% Arabica coffee beans are expertly batch-roasted by our 5th Generation Roastmaster then sealed into our advanced Recyclable pods.

    Dark Roast, Espresso Blend coffee | Recyclable Eco Pods!
      Compatible with all Keurig® & K Cup® brewers (INCLUDING "2.0")

      Roast Profile

      • 1 - Lightest Roast
      • 2 - Lighter Roast
      • 3 - Light Roast
      • 4 - Medium Light Roast
      • 5 - Medium Roast
      • 6 - Medium Dark Roast
      • 7 - Dark Roast
      • 8 - Darker Roast
      • 9 - Very Dark Roast
      • 10 - Darkest Roast

      Brewer Compatibility

      Pods work with:

      K10 MINI Plus
      K40/45 Elite
      K60/K65 Special Edition
      K70/K75/K79 Platinum
      Hamilton Beach