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#YearoftheDog and The Scents of Coffee

Posted by Sourabh Sharma on

Did you know 2018 is #YearoftheDog? And the one thing is, dogs have a great sense of smell. So, even though some of these pups love the scent of our Roastmaster Reserve Coffee, here's a breakdown of coffee scents.

They say coffee is a 'pick me up' scent. A fragrance is simply the scent of something - like the air, the rain, or coffee. Aroma, however, is fragrance plus a feeling. So while fragrance is smelled through our noses, aroma is smelled with the senses too. The process is more retro-nasal, which is why we enjoy the scent of coffee even more when we sip it. Coffee brewing is thus of key importance, and we ensure our nitrogen flushed and sealed packs retain this scent to enable you to experience the aroma with every cup.

So what's up with the dogs? Well, they do smell scents well, don't they? Follow our Roastmaster Reserve and Intelligent Blends brands to see what we're brewing!

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