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She likes all things pretty... including coffee!

Posted by Sourabh Sharma on

Jenny is a New York based lifestyle influencer who adores all things pretty. Check out her Instagram on @voguishsoul and see what she has to say about her favorite coffee in our collections: Roastmaster Reserve.

"I am loving Roastmaster Reserve, coffee that is freshly roasted in limited batches from premier growing regions." And it's true! Harvested in limited regions, the current batch is from Panama. Where will the next one be from?

Who said coffee is only a morning drink? Sip it all day, whether you are at  home, or like Jenny, at the beach!

"When your coffee tastes like a rainbow." We take pride in having the finest coffee beans across the board, and are thrilled when coffee can taste like a rainbow. Unicorns, anyone?

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